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Assad and Putin - Partners in the Mockery of Humanity and of the Rights of Man

If sending Russian forces and arms to Syria to shore up the tyrant, Bashar al Assad, was not enough to affirm his condemnation of international humanitarian norms, then Vladimir Putin has made no mistake in reaffirming his dismay for humanity and for the children and civilian victims of the Syrian war, by hosting Assad in Moscow.

That Assad's regime has perpetrated a war that has killed more than 250,000 thus far and displaced millions, while creating a refugee crisis in Europe,  must be more then enough evidence for Assad to be treated as a pariah in the scheme of international relations. But not to Russia's Putin. Hundreds of innocent children have been gassed to death in Syria at the hands of Assad's forces. Should their deaths be in vain?

Putin and the other sympathizers of Bashar al Assad who continue to support him  in light of the mountain of evidence of crimes against humanity committed by his regime, have all in essence, endorsed such crimes. Putin's particular support of Assad amounts to a mockery of humanity and of the rights of man.

Therefore, the stalwarts of life, liberty and the rule of law must treat Putin as a co-conspirator of the crimes of Assad's regime and they should move to isolate Putin even farther rather than to involve him in matters in respect to the rights of human beings.

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