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Aspirations of the Peoples - Deferred or Realized

In all the lands occupied by the human species, there are common aspirations shared by most of the people - the hope of liberty, of human dignity, of equality and of happiness within a framework of the rule of law. Yet, unfortunately, in too many jurisdictions, these apparent simple aspirations remain deferred, denied, limited, eroded or challenged.

But the desires of humanity having a strong resolute to achieving the basic necessities to human existence will endure in spite of challenges.

The French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, the American Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, acts to sovereignty by multiple nations, aspirations of peoples from Ukraine, to Myanmar, to Algeria, to Sudan and elsewhere are historical and current actions to enabling liberty, dignity, equality and happiness under the rule of law.

Yet, under current affairs, it would appear that some folks at the leadership level of today's world order, have forgotten that the ideals of today's aspiring people are the same desires as those that were held by the founders of the great Republics. Freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom to live life to its fullest and freedom to opportunity still count as the paramounts of democracy and of human development toward the continuity of the human race. 

Division, hate mongering, authoritarianism, agitation and the erosion of human rights are not tenets of democracy or of world stability. Therefore, they must be rejected as hindrances to the development of the human species.

Deferred aspirations experienced in Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe should be construed as mere temporary setbacks. Henceforth, when such ambitions do resurface as demonstrated by the actions and by the calls of the peoples, they must not hindered by any military or security forces. Instead, the full aspirations of all the people should be allowed to reach their ultimate outcomes - full realization of the dreams of the people by the people.

The history to find and to achieve freedom must never be forgotten or be allowed to become void. 

To those who sought freedom but failed, I am deeply sorry, but I believe your efforts have enriched generations and will continue to reward future generations. To those seeking freedom, I stand with you in solidarity that soon you will overcome.

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