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Arrival of Spring 2019 - Continuity of the People Toward Purpose and Fulfillment

The Spring Equinox 2019 arrives in the Northern Hemisphere just before 6:00 DST, this evening, and with its arrival comes a time of flora renewal, fauna procreation, expectant warmer temperatures, the associated lush greenery and the ritual and reality of shedding winter's bulky gear for closer bodily shaped outfits in celebration of the period of rejuvenation.

Spring also beckons and affirms the continuity of the human species to find purpose and fulfillment hear on Planet Earth. Therefore, the expected warmer temperatures and flower blooms of the season could intensify the propensity of the people within their existing queries, wants, desires, struggles and intents.

The purposes of the peoples in their particular environs will continue toward fulfillment throughout Spring. Queries and ambitions will have to be answered. 

The division of Donald Trump's administration in the United States (US) will be remedied sooner or later. The United Kingdom (UK) will have to settle on a path to Brexit. France will have to address the reasons for continued weekly yellow vests protests. Canada must address defections within the Justin Trudeau government. China will have to decide how much it would forgo to appease a trade deal with the US. Russians will decide whether tighter Internet controls could bring an end to the Vladimir Putin era. And more broadly, from Asia, to Africa, to the Americas and to Europe, Spring will continue to test the purpose and fulfillment of all of Earth's people. 

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