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Any and All Forms of State-Sponsored Violence on Children are Crimes against Humanity

Today, I had intended to solely address the growing devastating air strikes and barrel bombs by the Bashar al Assad regime upon Eastern Ghouta, Syria, that has killed 400 people, including many children, in the past five-days. But the current affair of the prevalence of guns wrecking destruction and anxiety upon America's young people, commands an immediate thought.

Whereas the President of the United States (US) and others of the gun lobby could have the audacity to consider arming teachers as a means to combating gun violence at schools, clearly underscores the deep problem the Republic faces with regards to the ease and availability of guns, thus more guns to solve too many guns is an utter preposterous idea that any modern democracy would ever want to consider. It is a ludicrous thought. 

And sensing this should be more than sufficient to rally peaceful Americans to the advocacy of the youth survivors of mass gun shootings toward tighter gun controls across the land and not to increase business for the NRA by allowing teachers to be armed at class while being provided with cash incentives to do so. 

In Syria, the suffering of children and other innocents continue as government forces continue the bombardment of Eastern Ghouta killing already hungry children with a high degree of impunity for it appears that under Russian support, Bashar al Assad will never face an international tribunal for crimes against humanity.

The actions of the Syrian government - the bombing of innocent children and civilians to a point where one mother, according to a BBC-News report, awaits the death of her son because "at least in heaven there's food", underscores the starvation and bombing of civilians in Eastern Ghouta - a clear war crime. The Damascus rebel-held enclave has been under siege from the Syrian army since 2013. Very little humanitarian aid has been allowed into the city of about 400,000 people.

But the United Nations (UN) which will vote on some measure of a truce for Syria today at 11:00 a.m., will remain impotent to change the scourge of Syria because Russia holds veto-power at the Security Council (SC) and the chances that Russia would do anything to impede the onslaught of Assad's forces upon innocents, are remote. 

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