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Anticipating Hospital Surge Capacity from COVID-19 in the United States

Given the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the United States (US), and in lieu of any credible response to the national emergency from President Donald Trump, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking the lead, along with a handful of other governors, to address, to contain and to mitigate the pandemic.

Cuomo, in a Press briefing earlier today, confirmed the closing of all public schools across New York State, the banning of gatherings of more than 50-people, the closing of gyms, movie theaters, bars and restaurants in a mass effort to reign in COVID-19. Social distancing is being promoted as a major weapon in fighting the illness. 

The New York Governor, citing science and not hopes, expected a rise in COVID-19 cases in his state and elsewhere as he called upon the Federal Government to utilize the capacity of the US Army Corps of Engineers to accommodate needed hospital beds as the virus progresses. Cuomo anticipated a necessity for hospital surge capacity.

Virus cases in the US have increased to 3,820 with 67 deaths. Yet, testing for the pathogen remains a recurring complaint of many jurisdictions despite claims from the Trump administration that millions of the kits have been distributed.

Cuomo along with governors of New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, California, Ohio, Washington State and other states, have taken steps to set their own rules to combat COVID-19 in lieu of a missing reaction from the central government in Washington, DC. 

The presidential response by Governor Cuomo and other State governors to the virus offer some hope that at least some leaders are proactive in the battle against COVID-19.

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