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Another Massing of the Syrian Displaced - the Flight from Russian Bombs in Aleppo

Tens of thousands of Syria's displaced people, frightened by an advancing Bashar al Assad regime's army and under heavy Russian bombardment, are massing at the Turkish border seeking solace from their war-torn homes. 

Around-the-clock bombing of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo by Russian forces acting on behalf of Assad, has forced between 30,000 to 35,000 displaced people surging toward the Turkish border, which remained closed for a second day today, at the Oncupinar crossing. Turkey said it was caring for the displaced on the Syrian side of the border. Turkey already houses some 2.5 million Syrian refugees.

However, unless Russian bombardment of civilian areas stops, the governor of Kilis province, Turkey, which borders Syria, warns that another 70,000 displaced people could be headed to the border. Governor Suleyman Tapsiz said Turkey has the capacity to deal with increased numbers of refugees should conditions forced them into Turkey, yet the border remained closed on Saturday.

Russian entry into the Syrian conflict will spill more Syrian blood while displacing more civilians. The displaced are not seeking solace in Russia, rather,  first in hospitable Turkey, and then onto Europe. Russia stands not ever to be effected by the Syrian displaced like other countries known for their humanitarian spirit. Therefore, Russia has no incentive to withdraw from exacerbating the Syrian war. 

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