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Another Attack upon Humanity in Syria - a War Crime: an Airstrike upon a Refugee Camp

An airstrike upon a refugee camp in northern Syria yesterday killed 28 innocents and wounded another 50 - clearly a crime against humanity to which the perpetrators have failed to admit, thus underscoring the violent and lawless execution of the Syrian war, now in its fifth-year and consuming in excess of 250,000 lives.

The Syrian regime or Russian forces are suspected of carrying out the gross crime against internally displaced Syrians at camp Kamouna, Idlib province, yesterday. Rebel forces in the region had agreed to a United States(US) insisted ceasefire in the area. Given the graveness of the attack upon innocent refugees, who had already been uprooted by conflict, the BBC-News has reported that Stephen O'Brien, the United Nations(UN) humanitarian affairs chief, has called for an inquiry into the crime.

"The suspicion will fall initially on the Syrian government and we want to make sure that they, or whoever it is, are fully held to account for this absolutely abominable act," O'Brien told the BBC-News.

Yet, an additional 28 innocent people are now dead from a war crime in Syria, not the first, and probably not the last for the execution of the Syrian war by the Bashar al Assad regime and his friends, has been lawless and often conducted in utter disregard to the sanctity of human lives. Children, women, the elderly and civilians have been gassed to death, yet Assad clings to power in Damascus hoping that Russia could tilt the balance of power farther into his favor so that he may continue his reign of tyranny. 

Syria's victims deserve their justice forthwith and not delayed to run the risk of having all justice denied.

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