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Another Aspect of the Radicalization of US Youth at an "Unprecedented" Rate

A recently published bipartisan report by the Homeland Security Committee of the United States(US) House of Representatives, has found that Americans are being radicalized at an "unprecedented" rate by the Islamic State(IS). The report added that some 250 Americans have traveled to the Levant to fight jihad.

But why? Why would unprecedented numbers of Americans want to leave the comfort of their homes to venture to the Levant? 

While many intelligence experts have blamed the crafty lure and social media managing finesse of the IS as a major factor in attracting American recruits, a closer look at the current state of affairs in Syria and within the US, could reveal overlooked variables contributing to radicalization.

A spate of shooting deaths of unarmed young men by police and subsequent rulings not to hold the police responsible for the deaths, would contribute to the easy radicalization of some youth who have lost faith in a system they were brought up within. Also, anti-immigration rhetoric uttered by at least one US presidential candidate and the anti-immigration agenda of the far right are more than enough reasons contributing to radicalization.

The failure of the international community to bring comfort to the displaced in Syria while it successfully inked a nuclear deal with Iran, has left some young people feeling that the children of Syrian have been sacrificed for an Iranian deal, more reasoning toward radicalization.

In Syria, Bashar al Assad has continued his war of terror and death upon the Syrian people in awe of anyone having compassion for the innocent children victims of his authoritarian regime. In lieu of any western volunteer service to dislodge Assad, the religious ideology of the IS has resonated well with some fringed youth.

Therefore, until a viable solution to the Syrian war is found, especially more so now that Russia has started bombing targets within Syria, more American, French, British, Arab and other youths, will continue to be attracted to fight for their perception of justice in the Levant.

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