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Another 16 Starve to Death in Syria - Victims of a Siege of War

Another 16 civilians have starved to death in a besieged Syrian town since a United Nations(UN) aid convoy reached it earlier this month. Another 30 people starved to death in Madaya late last year and according to the International charity, Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF), Doctors Without Borders, another 33 people in the town are in grave danger of dying from starvation - all victims of the ploy of siege, in the Syrian war.

As reported by the BBC-News earlier this morning, Brice de la Vingne, MSF operations director, described the situation as "totally unacceptable" as he observed that people "should have been evacuated weeks ago." Some 40, 000 people are believed to be trapped in deplorable conditions in Madaya.

As some parties to the Syrian war meet in Geneva to forge a possible peace, more horrid truths of the reality of Bashar al Assad's war in Syria are coming to light and it should just be a matter of time before formal charges of crimes against humanity are made against the friend of Vladimir Putin. 

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