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...and so the World Turns on another October Day, 2018

While counting and burying the dead, along with recovery efforts are underway from a number of natural disasters spanning from Asia, to Europe, to Africa and to the Americas, the human species enters yet another day in the month of October with few of no solutions to existing matters, but with additional issues being attached to an already long list of unsettled issues.

A trade war initiated by Donald Trump against China continues. Financial markets, after a long period of bull activity, appear to be entering a bear phase. The resistance to Trump's isolationist and national policies continue in the United States (US). The final outlook as to what a final Brexit would resemble is still unresolved. Italy wants ethnic shops to close early. The final determination as to the fate of a journalist who went into the Saudi Arabian consulate, in Istanbul, Turkey, but never came out, is yet to be made. Wars continue in Syria and in Yemen as strife is renewed or freshly kindled in other jurisdictions.

In the meantime, the ideological battle rears on as to what is good and worthy of good governance and of life in this millennium...and so the World turns on yet another October day, 2018. 

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