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And so it is...

If all the other days of the year could be as rightfully loving and honorable as Mother's Day, then humanity could actually achieve world peace and stability.

But sadly and in reality, the other 300-plus-days of the year are not devoted to the nourishers of the human species, thus in lieu of motherly love and respect; war, conflict, division, agitation, provocation, neglect and erosion of rights will continue.

From a Donald Trump initiated trade war with the People's Republic of China (PRC), to a military build up on the waters of the Gulf states in the Middle East, to changes in Sudan and Algeria, to a reckoning in Libya, to ongoing wars in Yemen and Syria, to the determinations of the Palestinian, Rohingya and other peoples, to a possible Constitutional crisis in the United States (US), to recent attacks upon religious places of worship, to the ever-present threat of terror, to political turmoil in Venezuela, to a plaguing Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo, to a spike of Measles cases in the the US, to Russian agitations, to right wing menacing, to an increasing danger of nuclear proliferation, to neglect of our vital environment and to a litany of many other affairs, tumultuous times are before humanity.

Yet, in spite of the often seeming childish behavior of political leaders in creating the conditions that are current, hope for humanity rests with the women and the children of the world. Increasing numbers of women elected and selected to decision making positions offer fresh rational thought and sensibility to global leadership. Similarly, with youth as the vanguard of all beneficial change in society, the world's children are growing more aware of the need to inherit a stable and clean world. Young people are standing weekly to force attention to protect the delicate environment and it is out of such advocacy by our youth that humanity will be saved.

And so it is on a rainy Monday, May 13, 2019, in Washington, DC, that humanity here and elsewhere stands in problematic conditions following a day of great love and admiration - Mother's Day 2019.

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