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An Uncomforting Time in U.S. Affairs

There is no comfort or relief in sight for hundred of thousands of furloughed federal workers in the United States (US). Pay day has come and gone without any compensation to the workers who are now victims of the longest ever shutdown of the government.

Upheld by President Donald Trump on his insistence for $5 billion to build a wall along the border with Mexico, the shutdown of the federal government not only represents a period of discomfort for those working, contracting and dependent upon federal workers for business, it also signifies a failing in the affairs of the US to function as a synced system of unity with the general welfare of the people as top priority.

Instead, the arrogance of the US Executive and his associated political tantrum to deliver upon a fallible election assertion to wall in the US against Latinos at the southern border, have come to taint America's history of empathy for all humanity and at the same time to throw the lives of millions of Americans into considerable uncertainty. Paradoxically, the welfare of federal workers and the continuing shut down of the government, do amount to a national security threat and not the absence of a wall along the southern border.

American federal workers and all Americans must find the voices and actions to retain their comfort and stability and to force a reopening of the full function and operation of the US government.

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