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An Uncharted Future of Humanity - New Annals Toward Continuity

Political, social, economic and environmental pressures are forcing humanity into an unprecedented era of uncertainty. 

Once harbored confidence and security toward a bright tomorrow, are being replaced by angst, instability and a changing environment amid a broadening blight of a stronger possibility of more hot conflicts. 

Hence, an uncharted future awaits humanity as new undefined chapters are to be etched into the annals of the continuity of the human species on Planet Earth.

But a scripted future - a future of peace, progress and protection of the environment, is not out of the reach of humanity. This hour and tomorrow's moments offer opportunities to all of the peoples in all of the lands to stand and to demand guaranteed security, peace, liberty and happiness. And these opportunities have to be acted upon in lieu of having them inertly passby.

The script as to what future hangs in the balance for humanity will only be defined by the numbers of people who are willing to stand to challenge conflict, non-protection of the environment and an erosion of the human spirit and basic rights.

Therefore, the new annals toward continuity of the human species rest solely with the people and whether or not enough of the masses act now to live, or elect to suffer an unscripted future of mere survival.

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