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An Omen of the Future - a Western Tragedy, a Russian Drama

That Russia sought and successfully influenced the United States(US) Presidential Elections last Autumn, confirms the beginning of a Western tragedy as part of Russian drama to meddle, to interfere and to destabilize western nations.

With apparent success in meddling in the US, Russia's next victim seems to be Germany, which the US President-elect has as recent as this week, criticized for its humanitarian migrant policy to house hundreds of thousands of conflict region refugees. 

The US President-elect accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of "a catastrophic mistake" in allowing mass migration, the BBC-News reported. He also alleged that the European Union(EU) had become "basically a vehicle for Germany", the BBC-News report added. 

While the German Chancellor has responded that "...Europeans have our fate in our own hands," former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the US President-elect's remarks constituted a "declaration of war". 

The remarks by the US President do little to assure the long-standing stellar relationship shared by the US and Europe. In contrast to a secure historical partnership, the President-elect's remarks appear to confirm a Western tragedy as they stoke a Russian drama to destabilize western nations. Who's next: the Netherlands, France or agitations in northern Kosovo?

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