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An Obstruction to Syria's Peace - Insistence on the Inclusion of Assad in a New Syria

The Syrian opposition has declared peace talks on Syria's peace, in Geneva, Switzerland, should not go on if violations of the ceasefire agreement with the regime, continue. 

The opposition found it  explicitly "unacceptable" for the talks to continue if the government and its allies did not lift sieges and stop bombing civilians areas, Reuters reported earlier today. And based upon the complaints of the Syrian opposition, peace talks in Geneva could fail again. 

Syrian peace talks could fail because of ceasefire violations by Bashar al Assad's forces and his allies as they continue actions aimed at attempting to cement a place for Assad in a new Syria. Yet, that very insistence of trying to secure a place for the perpetrator Assad in a new Syria, undoubtedly stands in the way any peace in the Levant.

It should become apparent to any logical individual, with the exception, perhaps of Assad's allies - Russian and Iran, that the presence of Bashar al Assad in Damascus, represents a source of perpetual violence and insecurity in the entire Middle East region and beyond.

Therefore, as the Syrian opposition continues to complain of ceasefire violations that effect and endanger the lives of thousands of Syrians everyday, Syria's peace talks in Geneva should focus on the security of Syria and the entire Levant along with the inevitable departure of Bashar al Assad.

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