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An Investigation, a Report and a Summary - Yet, No Public Knowledge

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into some circumstances surrounding the 2016 United States (US) Presidential Election, has been completed. The mandate to look into any collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia, is done. 

Mueller reportedly tendered a 300-page report to US Attorney General William Barr, who apparently offered a mere four-page synopsis of the report to the US Legislature. There's been no publication of the investigative report. 

The failure of the investigative process not to automatically release to the public the findings of the Special Counsel, is an unfortunate indication of an inherent weakness within the Republican form of democracy, as practiced in the US. Transparency should always be a  treasured component of democracy. When it is restricted and denied, it weakens a system of government that has always pride itself of being very transparent in comparison to other forms of government.

Limitations on full disclosure of proceedings and investigations within a democratic system lend credence to criticisms of the already pressured form of government, especially against a backdrop of enduring dictatorships and communist systems. 

If the US Attorney General's determination that the Mueller investigation has vindicated the Trump campaign against any collusion with Russia, then releasing the Mueller report to the public should become an automatic follow.

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