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An Implied New World Order Flawed Upon Its Face

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and United States (US) President Donald Trump, more so than they apparently realized it, revealed an implied new world order before a Press conference in London, United Kingdom (UK), on Monday, just before the opening of the NATO Summit.

In confirming their desires for dialogue with troublesome Russia and expressing their mutual suspect of the People's Republic of China (PRC), which they erringly view as more worrisome to the alliance than Russia, both Trump and Stoltenberg via their comments, I have deducted, are suggesting a new world order that looks very much like those of yore that wreaked havoc upon humanity in two world wars and robbed rising and developing people of dignity and resources.

That both Trump and Stoltenberg singled out China as a cause of concern to NATO and that they both neglected to highlight the infractions of Russia in Ukraine, in the UK, in the Nordics, in Europe, in the US and elsewhere, is very revealing of the make-up of their implied new world order.

However, any world order that fails to reflect and to include the true kaleidoscope of today's peoples, is destined to failure.

[Before venturing any further, I should again, as I have done in the past, disclose that my wife was born in the PRC, and along with our sons, we have traveled, and will again travel to China. My Ninth grader was in China and Hong Kong as recent as Spring 2019, where he and his then Eighth grade peers, enjoyed a cultural and educational tour. Also, I must add that no person from the Chinese government has ever made contact with me per my writings or opinions.]

With that said, I hereby submit that any world order that seeks to include Russia and other northern-shaded people, but looks to scrutinize and to mar into focus and concern the rise of China, is flawed. Moreover, any new world order not inclusive of the parity, the existence and the worthiness of all the peoples in Asia as well as in Africa, is doomed to failure.

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