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An Impeachment in Brazil

The Brazilian Senate voted 55-22 overnight to impeach and to suspend President Dilma Rousseff, 68, less than three months before the Summer Olympic Games are slated to begin in the largest Latin American nation.

The impeachment of Rousseff for alleged questionable accounting practices relating to the country's budget, ends 13-years of rule by the leftist Workers' Party. Rousseff's former ally, vice president Michel Temer, now turned foe, will become the acting president of the country as Rousseff is suspended from her post. The senate has 180 days in which to try Rousseff on the charges that will decide whether or not she is permanently impeached and removed from office.

Rousseff was in her second term as president that would have ran until 2018. The once popular Rousseff, was tortured by Brazil's dictatorship before she assumed the presidency. Her Workers' Party has promised protests and strikes across Brazil, where the Summer Olympic Games are to run from August 5-21.

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