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An Illness in India - the Pervasion of Child Rapes

There is an illness in India that has been festering for sometime that demands a culture reformation in order to stop and to annihilate it. That illness is the deviant rape and murder of children, some as young as barely months-old and spanning to teenage girls and women.

The pervasion of this illness has reached such a fever that India has now made it legal to sentence perverts to death for the execution of such violent sexual crimes against children.

For the second time in as many days, the BBC-News reported earlier today, of yet another Indian girl, who remains in critical condition in a hospital in the eastern state of Jharkhand, with burns over 95% of her body after she was raped and set on fire. The 17-year-old girl reported chided a suitor, who told police he wanted to marry the girl but she wasn't ready - the result, he raped and set her on fire alive, another violent sexual crime against a young woman.

This most recent crime against the teenage girl in the eastern Indian state, comes following the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl on Sunday. She was burned alive.

Back in January, an eight-year-old Muslim girl in Kashmir was gang raped, drugged and murdered which caused great outrage and demands for law changes. Even members of India's ruling party have been charged in connection with at least one rape.

Indian Nobel laureate Kaliash Satyarthi has described the number of reported cases of rape and sexual abuse against children in India as a "national emergency". Last month as pressure was placed on the Indian government to toughen the punishment for sexual predators against children, Satyarthi noted that there were some 100,000 cases of child rape and abuse pending before the Indian courts. 

Pointing out the damaging effects of such deviant crimes, he proclaimed: "Each time a daughter is raped and killed, India's soul is raped and killed." And India's soul continues to be raped and killed because its culture has tolerated for far too long such violence and abuse against young girls and older women. 

Sadly, tougher punishment for deviant crimes against children will not suffice India's illness. A cultural reformation would be a good step toward eventually curing India's illness of the pervasion of sexual crimes against children.

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