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An Icon of American Decency Dies - Senator John McCain

The maverick American Senator John McCain, 81, died yesterday after battling brain cancer. He was a six-term Republican Senator representing the people of Arizona. Our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. May he travel well.

Senator McCain, a son, a hero, a gentleman, a leader, a husband and a father, was an icon of decency in American politics. Twice running unsuccessfully for president, he maintained a gentleman's quality of high decency and honor, even in defeat. His insistence that Republic/country be placed first over any man/or party will be part of  his legacy, along with his ability to reach across party lines to encourage consensus for country over party. 

Media reports today and tomorrow will rightfully and in honor speak more and better of his heroism, his service and his statesmanship than I could on this Blog. 

Yet, I humbly submit that his passing, among other many things, represent an end to common decency in the United States (US) Congress. With the prior passing of Senator Ted Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts and now of John McCain, the US congress is now virtually void of decorum. Since the advent of the Donald Trump era, decency has taken a beating on Capitol Hill. Country first has taken a back seat to support of a dividing White House and party.

So, Senator John McCain will be deeply missed. Maybe his passing will trigger a return to decency and honor in the halls of American politics. 

That he has asked Presidents Barack Obama, a Democrat and George W. Bush, a Republican, to speak at his funeral service, is fitting of the unity Senator John McCain advocated for the US. He did not invite Donald Trump. 

In honor of America, Senator John McCain will be remembered. We thank him for his service to the Republic. Amen.

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