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An Expansive Global Reach of Women's Solidarity in Affirmation of Human Rights

After Saturday's overwhelming global showing by women in marches across the world in affirmation of human, civil and reproductive rights, now there can be no mistake or misjudgment as to the expansive and involved solidarity reach of women worldwide.

That millions of women, their spouses, their children, their families, their friends and their associates, gathered peacefully in some 673 locations across the globe to send a message to a new administration in the White House, in Washington, DC, that they will not sit idly and allow their rights to be eroded, is an unprecedented global action against an unknown Donald Trump presidency.

The scale and breath of the global women's marches were extraordinary with crowd photography scientists confirming that in Washington, alone, the numbers rallying in the Women's March in the District of Columbia on Saturday, January 21, were three times the number appearing for the Presidential inauguration on the previous day.

Moreover, along with yesterday's named American and global cities cited on this Blog that took part in the Women's March, there were a number of other cities not mentioned. Therefore, to emphasize the significance and the reach of the Women's worldwide impact and global reach, following are some of the cities not stated yesterday that were part of the movement:[cities cited were taken from The New York Times]

In the US:

Eugene, Oregon

Knoxville, Tennessee

Montpelier, Vermont

New Orleans, Louisiana

Jackson, Mississippi

San Diego, California

Gulfport, Mississippi

Oakland, California

Seattle, Washington

Fairbanks, Alaska

Boise, Idaho

Honolulu, Hawaii

Nashville, Tennessee

St. Paul, Minnesota

Dallas, Texas

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Springfield, Missouri

Portland, Oregon

Kahului, Hawaii

Lincoln, Nebraska

Hartford, Connecticut

Savannah, Georgia

Cleveland, Ohio

Las Vegas, Nevada

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Sante Fe, New Mexico

Jacksonville, Florida

Ketchikan, Alaska

Madison, Wisconsin

Orlando, Florida

St. Louis, Missouri

Astoria, Oregon

Indianapolis, Indiana

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Charlotte, North Carolina

Trenton, New Jersey

Lansing, Michigan

Key West Florida

Spokane, Washington

Portland, Maine

Omaha, Nebraska

Phoenix, Arizona

Providence, Rhode Island

Shreveport, Louisiana

San Luis Obispo, California

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sitka, Alaska

Salem, Oregon

Austin, Texas

Winchester, Virginia

Memphis, Tennessee

Flagstaff, Arizona

St. Joseph, Michigan

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Midland, Michigan

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Concord, New Hampshire

Richland, Washington

Guam, US Territory.

International cities:

Halifax, Canada

Bogata, Colombia

Montreal, Canada

Nairobi, Kenya

Durban, South Africa

Lima, Peru

Tbilisi, Georgia

Macau, China

Ajijic, Mexico

Budapest, Hungary

Vancouver, Canada

Brasilia, Brazil

Toronto, Canada

Sydney, Australia

Florence, Italy

Wellington, New Zealand

Santiago, Chile

Prague, Czech Republic

Erbil, Iraq

Cape Town, South Africa

Marseille, France

Geneva, Switzerland

Oslo, Norway

Helsinki, Finland

Dublin, Ireland

Madrid, Spain

San Jose, Costa Rica

Accra, Ghana

Mexico City, Mexico

Stockholm, Sweden

Warsaw, Poland.

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