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An Evolving Violent Human Phenomenon

It happen again yesterday here in America - another mass killing of innocent people, this time by a husband and a wife team, who slaughtered 14 people in a bloodbath at a facility in San Bernardino, California, wounded another 17 people before they were shot dead in a shoot-out with police. The details of this heinous event could be found on any regular media. 

But this California tragedy highlights and underscores an evolving violent human phenomenon that is complex with varying root causes from terrorism, to ease of access to firearms, to social injustice, to historical discrimination, to anger, to unhappiness, to hopelessness and to pure evil and insensitivity.

There is no one easy fix to this evolving violent human phenomenon, but just, fair and respectful equal treatment of all people appear to be a single deterrent against the ugly events of mass violence. [Discuss with each other.]

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