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An Evolving Thought on Democracy

Ever since the stark results of political events in 2016, inherent flaws within democratic systems have become clearer. 

From the fallacy of majority rule demonstrated by Hillary R. Clinton lost in the United States (US) Presidential Election to Donald J.Trump, even though Clinton received 2,864,903 more votes than Trump; to a misinformed United Kingdom (UK) electorate voting to leave the European Union (EU), even though many voters had no inkling of the ramifications of their exercised Brexit vote, are all exposes of weaknesses within democracies.

Moreover, the behavior of the leader of the world's strongest democracy infects a widespread bad taste, doubt and uncertainty over the once trusted and respected democratic system of government. Thus, existing alternative forms of government that have been successful in delivering services and security to the people, are now more than worthy of respect and of contemplation. 

That any government purported to be democratic could have the audacity to criticize a communist system for human rights abuses while that said democracy detains and separates asylum seekers from their children at its borders, is preposterous.

Parliamentary democracy appears superior to the Republican or Presidential forms because it bears the mechanisms to ousting a corrupt leader more easily than in the form in place in the US. That privileged individuals and groups could continue to tweak and to preserve adulterated forms of democracy in order to retain their longstanding grip on power, remains hypocritical, and even more so as they criticize other better performing types of governance.  

While democracy remains a sound proven platform to liberty and the rule of law, it is safe to assume that democracy, as it is exercised today, is limited in scope to ever becoming universally accepted in the absence of a Utopian society. And imported systems of governments will never supplant the tried and functioning forms of government that deliver peace, prosperity and happiness to the people.  

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