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An Evolving Splash in the South China Sea

What type of wave will emerge from the recent and ongoing splashing in the South China Sea between China and Japan over claims to disputed islands? Who knows? For Japan's sake, it had better not be tsunamic for China has overtly shown a wing of its new economic-boom acquired military  'toys', nuclear submarines; and they are very capable of invoking greater damage than many tsunamis. For China's sake, the wave had better not be an ocean-crawler for that would prompt Japan's trump in the West into the equation. China doesn't want this outcome. Thus, a solution: Against the background that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe threw a boulder into the ocean  creating a bigger than normal ripple with Japan's purchase from private Japanese of Senkaku islands -  knowing China's claim to said Diaoyu islands; Japan could now lease said islands to the United States. That's it, no more details.   

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