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An European Opportunity Beckons in Lieu of Trump's Walk from the Iran Nuclear Deal

United States (US) President Donald Trump's walk away from the Iran Nuclear Deal sets up an opportunity for Europe to regain some of its lost influence and might, as well as to attain a modern weaning from US defense reliance.

Whether or not Trump thought of any secondary effects in withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal, is unclear; yet his action has clearly provided Europe with a needed headway to re-assume some influence and might yielded under US protection since WWII. 

France and other European nations have condemned the re-imposition of sanctions on Iran as "unacceptable" in light of the signed 2015 international agreement that brought the Iran Nuclear Deal. Much of Europe's concerns over the US withdrawal are centered around the likelihood that European companies could be punished by the US for continuing to honor the Iran Nuclear Deal.

France's Economy Minister Bruno Le Marie, according to the BBC-News, best sums up Europe's justafix position: he said Europe had to defend its "economic sovereignty". He asked: "Do we want to be vassals deferring with a curtsy and a bow to decisions made by the US?" Le Marie called on the European Commission to look into possible retaliatory measures. Both Le Marie and his German counterpart, Olaf Scholz, will be seeking exemptions for European companies.

If granted US exemptions or not to sanctions of the Iran Nuclear Deal, Europe undoubtedly because of Trump's actions, has begun a process to defining itself in the modern era. And militarily, increases in military budgets could be expected across the continent as Europe is forced to wean itself from US reliant defense during the tenure of Donald Trump in Washington, D.C.

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