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An Escalation in the Spread of Terror - a Bad Omen of the Times

In Yemen yesterday, two terror suicide attacks on two mosques in the capital Sanaa, killed 137 people -  including 13 children, and wounded 357. In Nigeria, liberating troops from Chad and Niger, discovered at least 70 throat-slit bodies of the victims of terror as the foreign forces ousted the Boko Haram terror group from a town. Earlier in the week, terrorists killed 20 tourists in an attack upon a museum in the Tunisian capital of Tunis. In Syria, the Islamic State(IS) released video showing more gruesome scenes of the beheading of some of its captives.

These violent blood-chilling events point to an escalation in the spread of terror - a bad omen of the times in which we live. And because of the state of affairs from desert to sea, from mountain to plain, from steppe to tundra, these events threaten to continue and widen.

Sectarianism, political and personal ambitions -  disguised, in some cases under a fallible religious dogma, are the driving forces behind the new wave of terror. And with no immediate solutions in sight to these crises, which are often deeply rooted in the historical sums of domination, oppression, revenge and injustice, more violent deadly events seem inevitable. Moreover, farther places outside of the present theaters of terror, are at risk of falling victims to this escalating violence. 

However, that historical feuds and wrongs cannot, and will not be settled overnight, imparts a sound argument that the best course of action into de-escalating the buoying terror, must first involve efforts to containing the raw violence to a limited geographical area. 

Hence, as efforts to contain blatant terror are strengthened, concerted strides must also be placed upon the creation of systems of governance within the victimized lands so as to allow for the protection of the rights of all the people. And above all, clearly defined paths to redress of grievances by all the people, must be established and be maintained.

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