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An Error in Reality and of Opinion by the Mayor of London

London's Mayor Boris Johnson has erroneously accused United States(US) President Barack Obama of "hypocrisy" over the popular opinion President Obama and many other western and civil leaders share that the United Kingdom(UK) should remain in the European Union(EU).

Mayor Johnson's fallible comment comes on the eve of a trip of the US President to the UK next week. Johnson, a leading caller for the UK to exit the EU, made the accusation against President Obama citing a flawed comparison that the US would never share sovereignty which he infers the UK does as part of the EU, the BBC-News reported.

However, Johnson cannot draw an accurate comparison between the US republic position and that of the British condition as a constitutional monarchy because the history of both nations have a clear divergence that easily allows for the UK to consecrate a strong unity with its European peers - for shared defenses, economies, families and proximity. The UK's history as an empire accords it ease of cooperative unity with Europe as the UK itself has demonstrated over the years with its members of the Commonwealth. The US model from revolution to World Power is different.

So Mayor Johnson should clearly consider the full spectrum of implication and ramifications from a UK exit from the EU. What would British trade resemble? Could the UK demand the same privileges dispensed between EU members? How much more trade would the Brits have to beg from China in order to keep economic pace with the rest of the EU?

The self created differences the UK has highlighted with the EU are workable hiccups. The EU holds sound economic prosperity for the UK and Europe. The UK's exit from the EU would carry the same risk as placing a 100-BP(British Pound) win bet on a three-year-old  filly with bow tendons to win the Grand National.

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