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An Erosion of Faith in the Club of Nations to Protect Humanity

I intended a different topic today, but I elected this one after my seven-year-old son asked whether I would write about Syria's children. He knows of Syria's children because I have ensured that he and his brothers be made aware of the pangs,  the sufferings, the limitations and the aspirations of others. As we waited in the hot sun on Monday to enter Arlington National Cemetery to pay respect to those who died that we be free, President Obama's motorcade paused all actions on the sidewalks, and observing the required protocols needed to protect the leader of the free world, I reminded my two younger sons they could be the subject of such a pageantry of protection one day, my seven-year-old, simply said "and then I could feed the children in Syria." In our home, we do not waste food. We have heard of the diets of besieged Syrian children. We have seen the stick-withered bodies of resemblances of what are suppose to be vibrant developing children in Syria. All casualties of war.

Yet, one week from today, Bashar al Assad will stand for and gain re-election to the presidency in Syria because China and Russia have both protected him at the United Nations(UN) Security Council(SC). Compelling evidence by France and the UN that Assad has gassed Syrian children and adults during the campaign of the war,  appears to mean naught. Naught - that's the priority China and Russia have assigned to justice for Syria's children. And the structure of the UN as a club of nations responsible for the protection of human rights, freedoms and humanity in a civil world order, is in need of an overhaul. That two countries with ongoing major human rights issues - China and Russia, could stand in the way of justice to Syria's children, represents an erosion of faith in the club of nations to protect humanity. For the fourth time, both China and Russia last week blocked a French drafted resolution with 61-nations as cosponsors, intended to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court at the Hague in an attempt to bring justice to the Syrian people. So, if not the the broader club of nations, then, who will protect humanity? 

"Over reach", under reach", "war weary", "the polls show people don't want to help": these are excuses I hear around Washington as to why Bashar al Assad, protected by China and Russia, will make a mockery of civil society in winning next Tuesday's election in Syria. Until a neighbor recognizes that the poisonous weed in his neighbor's yard will eventually effect his own yard; the so called "not my problem " attitudes will continue as humanity suffers. But strong leaders must recognize that time when action becomes morally necessary with as little as one partner to end a too-long tragedy in the interest of humanity. If not for any other reason, then, for the children's sake, please.

Should the UN continue to function under its present structure at the SC, humanity will continue to suffer as Russia and China - two prolific human rights abusers, maintain veto power. The Nations of United States, Great Britain, France and Italy, the other permanent members of the SC, need to redefine a vehicle of action less China and Russia.

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