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An Eastern Link to Istanbul's Terror

Turkish sources have identified a Kyrgyzstani, an Uzbekistani and a Russian as the perpetrators of Tuesday's deadly shooting and suicide attack upon Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey. 

The confirmation of three foreigners as the terrorists hailing from nations east of Turkey and from the Caucacus region of Russia, underscores a degree of cross nation cooperation, coordination and training by terrorists capable of assembling a death squad from three countries - Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. No Syrians, unlike as in some cases of prior terror events, have been implicated in the direct execution of the death of 42 people and the wounding of 239 in the Istanbul terror event.

While no group has yet claimed responsibility for the terror in Istanbul, the Turkish government has blamed the extremist group the Islamic State(IS). Authorities across Turkey have conducted some 16 raids since Tuesday's event and they have arrested some 13 IS suspects from Istanbul to Izmir accusing them of financing, recruiting and providing logistical support to the terror group, the BBC-News reported earlier today. 

The identities of the Istanbul terror event perpetrators also provide information of a possible dispersal of foreign terrorist fighters out of Syria. Therefore, more vigilance and increase intelligence are needed to deter any future violent events in free nations. 

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