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An Autumn of Protests - the Ire of the People

If major concerns have emerged over the months-long protests in Hong Kong, then the invocation of the ire of the people in Chile, in Lebanon and in Iraq is affirmation of an autumn of protests by the people, and that outside of Hong Kong, more than enough ill conditions exist to unleash the ire in many other people.

Inequality and other grievances are fueling protests in Chile, where the government has moved to cancel two world summits because of the associated violence with dissent felt across that Latin American country. Twenty people have died and, according to the BBC-News, some 7,000 have been arrested around Chile, including, the capital, Santiago. 

Remarking that his government has "to prioritize re-establishing public order", Chilean President Sebastian Pinera announced the cancellation of next month's Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, as well as the December 2-13 Conference of the Parties(COP25), a Climate Change conference to address the implementation of the Paris Accord on Climate Change, which was passed at COP21, in Paris, France, 2015. The president's move to cancel the two very important summits is stark in lieu any concrete steps to solve the concerns of Chileans. 

Elsewhere in Lebanon and in Iraq, arms forces continue to move against and to kill protesters, who have taken to the streets in demonstrations against corruption. 

While these manifestations of the ire of the people remain hot in Chile, Iraq and Lebanon, other jurisdictions remain very likely to experience similar demonstrations by the people. 

The clear message to governments appear to be that they should govern on behalf of all the people and not on the interests of a selected few.

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