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An Assad-free Syria is Requisite for any Peace and Stability in the Levant

Since the crimes against humanity committed by Bashar al Assad's regime upon the Syrian people are grossly substantial and well documented - including gas attacks upon children causing many deaths, Assad must be precluded from any transitional movements in Syria; and he must be rejected of any part to the peace process for the Levant.

That any world leaders, having knowledge of the crimes against humanity committed by the current Syrian regime, could even venture to suggest that Assad could be a party to any peace process, is beyond preposterous. 

The international community must not risk greater instability by involving Assad in any efforts toward peace for Assad is the source of war, he is the fuel driver of violent extremism and its spread in the Levant. His mere presence at any discussion apart from the one that sets the date for his departure, would represent yet another failure of the international community to bring stability to the displaced and other victims of Assad's war. 

Any compromises with Assad made by the international community would sow the seed for future radicals as well as to render the international community as a hypocrite to the dead, the displaced and the survivors of Assad's war.

Therefore, any and all attempts to soften the high crimes committed by Assad's regime using pretenses for peace and actions against extremists, must be rejected. Bashar al Assad is the source of war and extremism. Peace and stability cannot start for Syria until the source of bloodshed and the root of violent dissent - Bashar al Assad, is no longer in Damascus.

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