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An Apology Too Late for 346 Airline Crash Victims

Words offered in apology and in sorry and in admittance of an error after the facts and the accidents that took 346 lives, are of little or no avail to the victims or to their families. 

Yet, in recognition of two airline tragedies that killed 346 people when two 737-Max-8 jets crashed, Boeing Chairman Dennis Muilenburg, has finally offered an apology to the families of the victims. An apology too late to save 346 airplane crash victims killed last October, on a Lion Air flight in Indonesia and this March, on an Ethiopian Airlines flight. 

Both airplane crashes involved Boeing 737-Max-8 planes. Both aircraft from preliminary investigations, appear to have experienced problems with the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) that contributed to the crashes. A statement from the aircraft manufacturer chairman said: "We at Boeing are sorry for the lives lost in the recent 737 accidents..." And Boeing admitted: "We have the responsibility to eliminate the risk"  and it recognized "...we know how to do it."

While Boeing could be commended for finally admitting its fault and mistakes, the fact remains that the lives of the victims cannot be returned -  apology, or no apology. However, that the lives of the victims may not have been lost in vain, Boeing now has the ultimate responsibility to ensuring all necessary fixes to all its aircraft.

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