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An Apathy to Empathy - Prolonged Crises and Vehement Violence

When sufficient people to make a difference show no interest of the sufferings or of the appalling existences of others, the expressed historical effect has been prolonged crises and vehement violence.

Thus, prolonged crises and vehement violence follow from an apathy to empathy. Had more people at an early stage cared, recognized and understood the implications of the rise of Hitler, WWII might not have been. 

Had more people cared, recognized and understood the conditions giving rise to a shortage of food in Africa, famines in Somalia and elsewhere could have been averted.

Had more people cared, recognized and understood the political and social conditions giving rise to ethnic 'cleansing' in the Balkans and in Rwanda in the 1990s, much destruction could have been prevented.

Today, the World faces the prolonged sufferings of Syria's children; the anguish of Western and Arabs parents losing their children to the Islamic State; the death of innocents in airline events; attacks upon peaceful and serene civil societies like Paris, France; American parents sadly having to bury their young minority male children killed while unarmed by police; an unpredictable Russian President in Vladimir Putin;  and communist China standing in the way of democratic rights to the youth of Hong Kong.

How much empathy will now be shown? How much apathy could be harnessed? That decision rests with the individual.

However, all humankind should show a little more empathy of the conditions of others; and if not for no other reason, then upon the exact premise that the sordid conditions of those unknown, will inevitably effect the well being of all others. And the only variable impacting this effect upon all, is time -  whether or not this effect will be felt in the short run, or in the long run.

NB: [Yesterday's Blog referenced the Gulf, thanks to two friends on Twitter, I now amend all references in that post to name: the ARABIAN GULF.]

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