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An Albanian Nun Ascends to Sainthood - Mother Theresa is Canonized

"Her heart, she gave it to the world. Mercy, forgiveness good works. It is the heart of a mother for the poor"...the fitting remarks of Charlotte Samba, of Gabon, a pilgrim to the canonization of Mother Theresa at Vatican City, earlier today.

And with a declaration today from Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, at St. Peter's Square, an Albanian nun born Agnese Gonxha Bojaxhiu, who gave her heart to the poor, to the rejected, to the homeless and to the motherless, ascended to Sainthood.

Saint Theresa of Calcutta spent her life in the service of the needy and the poor in India. Nineteen-years after she was born, she joined the Irish order of Loreto and was sent to Darjeeling, India, in 1929. She moved to Calcutta(now Kolkata) in 1946, according to the BBC-News, to help those destitute and after a decade, she started a hospice and a home for abandoned children. She founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 which today has some 4,500 nuns in service to humanity.

Saint Theresa's work with India's poor is widely known. For her work, she won a Nobel Peace Prize and for her devotion and faith she has been canonized. Though she had some critics, no science, logic nor religion could ever detract from the accomplishments and the devotions of the feeble-looking woman in service to her God and to humanity. 

Born a subject of the Ottoman Empire to ethnic Albanian parents in 1910, she also became a subject of Serbia, a subject of Bulgaria, a subject of Yugoslavia, a citizen of Yugoslavia, a subject of India and a citizen of Indian. Yet, she remained a devout Catholic in service to the poor. Humanity salutes Saint Theresa of Calcutta.

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