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An Agreement Under Papal Mediation to Lowering Heated Rhetoric in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro's regime in Venezuela and the opposition have finally agreed on something in respect to the current affairs of the faltering South American country's situation: to tone down the heated rhetoric both have accelerated recently with regards to diminishing economic, social and political conditions.

As reported by the Associated Press(AP) earlier this morning, the two Latin American sides sat down to talks on Sunday, which extended into the wee hours of this morning. At the conclusion, both sides agreed to tone down the heated rhetoric of the past few days and to immediately open four thematic negotiations on topics ranging from human rights to the economy under the mediation of a Vatican envoy and former presidents of Spain, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

Yet, the chances of sustaining a resolve to Venezuela's political, social and economic trials appear slim. While some opposition groups suspect the regime is seeking to cool tempers to prolong the presidential rule of Maduro, others, some 15 opposition parties, have boycotted the talks altogether -  refusing to sit across from a government until it releases several jailed opposition activists and reverses its decision to cancel a constitutionally allowed recall referendum against Maduro, the AP reported.

While an agreement between the parties in Venezuela to lower the heated rhetoric appears good, the reality of the Venezuelan condition demands more concrete action in order to lead the nation back to unity, serenity and to economic soundness.

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