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An Age of Aspirations - A Time of Freedoms

The current state of international affairs reassuringly suggests that this time; our time, our 2014 and beyond,  is an Age of Aspirations - A time of Freedoms. From Ukraine to Venezuela, to Syria, to China, to Thailand, to Egypt, to Russia, to Central Africa Republic, to South Sudan, to Somalia, to Palestine, to Spain and to Greece and beyond; anxious aspirations of humans are being manifested in one form or another. Whether a particular conflict might involve religious freedoms or religious integration; basic human rights; greater access to economic benefits; or changes to in placed political systems of governance; people across the world are awakening to and are ushering in the dawn of a new order - an order that demands the recognition of regular folks - the farmer, the fisherman, the artisan, the teacher, the custodian, the 'have-nots'. So as this year continues and events based upon the aspirations of peoples are witnessed, let's continue to consider this Age of Aspirations - A time of Freedoms.

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