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An Admission of Aggression - when an Agitator Opposes a Victim's Defense

There should be no doubt as to Russian agitations in Europe, and as to the real fear sovereign nations feel in light of Russian actions in Ukraine, and in Crimea and as to Russian taunting of nations in the air and on the seas of Central, Eastern and Western Europe.

Nordic states - Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, have already identified Russia as a threat to the security of Europe. Hence, they have taken steps to strengthen their security from Russian penetration and they have also declared a stronger solidarity with Baltic states as another measure to deter Russian attack.

Poland, Latvia, Lithuanian, Estonia and others have called for increased NATO security also to deter Russian threats.

Ukraine, the present victim of Russian meddling, has suffered some 6,000 deaths so far on its path to self-decided westernization and to free itself from Russian influence.

Yet, Russian leadership and officials, have sought to blame the West for the awakening to freedom and to westernization explicitly expressed by many former soviet republics.

Hence, as these now independent states rally to the strong security umbrella of NATO and to the economic strength of the European Union(EU), Russia -  acting as a non-adapting ex-husband following an irreconcilable divorce, has sought to retain the loyalty of these states, not through love and loyalty, but via threats, agitations, coercion and military action.

To defend these new NATO and EU members, a defensive missile shield has been proposed. With this defense shield, Vladimir Putin's nuclear missile threat to these nations would be minimized.

Thus, Putin has fumed and he continues to rage because his main vehicle of coercion to influence over these states, would be rendered impotent.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, both confirmed at a conference in Moscow, this past week, that the development of the defense shield in Europe was a threat to Russian strategic nuclear deterrent capability. In essence, Russian threats could now be thwarted, so its power would dwindle. Hence the current state of security affairs in Europe.

Therefore, Russian objections to the right of European nations to defend themselves against Russian missiles, amounts to Russian admission of its agitations in Europe.

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