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Amid the Many Events, the Dawning of Summer 2021, by Peter Boyce

[NB: Hello again. it's been a self-decided two months since my last writing, but my bestwishes for your prosperity and that of your loved ones, have always remained a high hope each and every day.]

Meteorlogical Summer dawned in the Northern Hemisphere, today, June 1, and ahead of the actual Summer Solstice 2021 at 11:32 p.m. EDT, June 20. Yet, with a risen new season, events past and present, events good and events bad and their considerations have remained very evident in experiments and effects toward defining modern humanity.

Among the many foci demanding action from humanity will be the stark option of self-destruction or to elect the employment of progressive activities aimed at fostering the continuity of the human species. War, apathy, division, inequality, agitation, non mitigated health issues and failure to protect the environment are evidential of a road leading to the collapse of humankind. On the other hand, peace, unity, empathy, equality, environment protection and international cooperation on a myriad of concerns spell the healthy continuity of humanity.

Recent events, especially on January 6, 2021, in the United States (US)  along with a host of others in the past four-years; a military coup in Myanmar; events in Belarus; the tragedy of Gaza and of the Palestinian people; ongoing suffering of children and innocent civilians in Yemen, Syria and in other places across the globe; the human toll of the COVID-19 pandemic; all against a background of sadly too wide an acceptance of lies and political tales, have combined to translate into the fragility of the human moment. 

However, a new President in the US, justice for George Floyd illegally killed by American police, a ceasefire in Gaza, the availability and use of COVID-19 vaccines as well as a renewed world effort now also involving the US, to address Climate Change, all offer sound hope toward the continuity of the human species over grimm divisions toward self-destruction.

Many events are present and coming toward defining modern humanity. And as democracy and world health both have been severely tested over the past many months, yet emerging very resoluite and poised to defeating foreign and domestic enemies, as well as an invisible pathogen, the newly dawned Summer 2021 and beyond stand to bring but just trials to humanity along the path to human continuity.

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