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America Strikes Back Against Assad's Chemical Weapons Attack

Bashar al Assad must be the most stunned man on planet earth this morning after United States(US) tomahawk missiles, from ships in the eastern Mediterranean, rained down upon one of his airbases within Syria, in retaliation for this week's chemical weapons attack upon Syrian civilians at Khan Sheikhoun, south of Idlib. 

Self-assured that with Russia's backing he would remain untouchable, especially in the face of missing US efforts to dislodged his humanity-damning regime, Assad, foolishly, mistook rumblings from the new administration in Washington, D.C. that based upon a vowed better relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, that his illegal warfare could go unpunished and unnoticed.

International images of the chemical weapons attack showing choking children and civilians on the streets of Khan Sheikhoun were provoking and overwhelming. 

President Donald Trump approved the US naval attack upon the Syrian military installation that resulted in the killing of six. Russia now says it will help Syria fortify its skies from any future raids. 

Without stating any long term objective per Syria, Trump defended the attack as being in the interest of US national security in a live television briefing. He spoke of the horrors upon the Syrian children and civilians. The president's action was a departure from his isolationist statements, but more in line with the historical stance of the US a defender of freedom, democracy, justice and the rule of law.

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