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America's Recurring Tragedy - Racism

The pandemic disease COVID-19, along with deadly events in the states of Minnesota, Georgia and Kentucky, have combined to re-expose a recurring and ongoing tragedy in the United States (US) - scourged racism.

After decades of spreading its sphere of influence overseas and acting as the supposed epitome of democracy and of freedom, the US has failed at leveling the life field for Black America on its own soil. 

While some doubters to the disparaging existence of inequality may point to data showing an opaque improvement in the lives of American Blacks over the last five-decades or so, reality, however, bears the cold hard  truth that the Republic remains very far from having achieved anything close to racial equality.

Armed white resisters to police arrests are somehow never killed. But unarmed Black detainees are killed in their homes as well as on the streets of America. 

In yet another affliction, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a disproportional human toll on Black lives, thereby exposing another reality of racial inequality in America. Unequal access to quality health care has plagued too many people of color. And economic inequality continues to relegate many Blacks to low paying jobs deemed essential throughout the current pandemic, thus resulting in a too large of a proportion of the Black work force being left exposed and dead from the highly contagious disease.

Remedies employed in America to stem racism over the years have not worked since the recurring tragedies of racial deaths continue. Therefore, a new beginning to achieving racial harmony and unity is needed and that could start via fair law enforcement and fair access to health care.

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