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America's Future Leaders Protest the Shock of 2016

Students - the future leaders of America, poured out of their classrooms and onto the streets in a Washington, DC, suburb yesterday, in protest of the apparent election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States(US), last Tuesday, in a shocking voter result.

The students were  from Montgomery Blair, Northwood, Albert Einstein, Wheaton and John F. Kennedy high schools, in Montgomery County, Maryland, just outside of the District of Columbia. They walked onto the streets from classes to protest Trump. Some carried placards reading "not my president". 

This latest action by America's youth to protest the election of Trump, whose vote tally is some 500,000 fewer than Secretary Hillary Clinton's, follows last week's protests in California, New York, Illinois and other places also to Trump's apparent election. 

Moreover, there is a social media buzz this morning in Washington, DC, that calls for students at the District of Columbia Public Schools(DCPS) to walk out of classes today at noon and to head to Trump's new hotel in Washington, to protest against last week's electoral shock that rendered Donald Trump as the President-Elect.

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