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Along the Path of Autumn...

Along the path of Autumn, 2015, ample hopes, hazards, concerns, uncertainties and determinations, lay in waiting before Planet Earth. Not that any of these objects represent any specific creation of the present season, for they are in fact remnants of humankind's history, relations and affairs; yet, they demand global action now over deferment.

From the humanitarian shame of the Syrian war, to sovereignty claims on the South and East China Seas, to a face-changing migrant issue in Europe, to world security events and to climate change, the path through Autumn is blotted.

While there are hopes soon for a global agreement on climate change at Paris, France, the hazard and the global security impacting Syrian war stands to last longer now that Russia has entered that volatile theater. Europe's migrant issue could be acerbated. The path of this Autumn, 2015, stands to be eventful.

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