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All Obligations to Combat Climate Change Must be Honored

The United Kingdom(UK) is the latest industrialized country to ratify the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, joining the United States(US), China and India among others, in promoting the crucially important environmental necessity.

Thus far, 192 countries have signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which focuses on reducing annual global temperature rises by less than two degrees Celsius. Of the 192 signatories, 110 nations have ratified the Paris Agreement. 

However, with forthcoming changes in governments in the US and possibly other places, it is important that all governments honor the obligations and commitments already made to the Paris Agreement. Science supports the contentions of the majority of nations that climate change is real. Any failure to honoring the Paris Agreement or any other environmental agreement would be dooming future generations to a sick environment.

Therefore, whether or not a leader emerging from the sales world understands or believes the science of climate change, it remains imperative that he respects the desire of the majority of the people in the nation by ensuring that all obligations to combat climate change are honored in whole.

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