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Again, Lunacy V. Arrogance, Stokes Death in Gaza

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency(UNRWA) charged with refugee welfare had warned the Israeli army 17 times of housed Palestinian refugees within one its schools in Gaza. The location and coordinates of the facility were relayed multiple times to the Israel Defense Force(IDF). Yet, the site of refuge to 3,300 Palestinians to which the people of Gaza flocked to from elsewhere in Gaza on advise from Israel, was shelled by Israel. Sixteen civilians died at the school and 90 were injured. While Israel claims that it doesn't target civilians, the attack on this UN refugee school full of Gaza refugees who went to the site because Israel told them to leave their homes because of a likely attack, underscores Israel's dangerous inability and recklessness to wage war in a densely populated urban setting with minimum civilian impacts. How many more children and civilians need to die before Israel's arrogance recognizes this fact.

The United States and the UN have all condemned the attack upon the civilian populated school. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon summed up Israel's actions: "It is outrageous, it is unjustifiable, and it demands accountability and justice." Israel has tried again to explain away another one of its mishaps with the claim that its forces were attacked from locations within the vicinity of the refugee school. Also Israel argues that rockets have been found within UN schools in Gaza. But even if an entire arsenal had been found within any school in Gaza, Israel has no legitimacy to target any refugee center and especially any center of which it had been notified 17 times that it housed innocent civilians. Moreover, even if an arsenal of rockets existed within the Israeli shelled school, international law does not preclude Israel from rules of humanitarian conduct. The lunacy of Hamas to have stashed rockets in schools in Gaza and the lunacy of Hamas to have allegedly used the innocents of Gaza as shields, still does not give Israel the right to kill innocent civilians and children in Gaza. Israel has clearly violated international law. And Hamas too are criminals under international law. 

Why should more civilians and children die because of Hamas's lunacy and Israel's arrogance? Sadly, many more perhaps, because no cease-fire appears to be fitting, especially since Israel has declared that it will not abide by any terms to peace unless its objective of destroying all of Gaza's tunnels is accomplished or permitted; and Hamas's insistence that Israel ends the blockade of Gaza.

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