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After the Sacrifice and the Rising - Modern Civil Obligations of Humanity

Happy Easter!

God's sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ to save humankind, remains an unmatched feat of devotion in demonstration of his love for the human race. That the Lord allowed himself to be crucified at the tortuous stake for humankind's sins, is yet another exact action of kindness and of unselfishness that can never be matched.

Hence, the sacred blood spilled, accompanied with the unconscionable pain and suffering, were dealt to benefit all of humankind. Then, what are the obligations of the human race in respect of such sacrifice?

Humanity has the responsibility to end wars. Humanity has the onus to eradicate hunger and poverty. Humanity is charged to show compassion and empathy to fellow men and women experiencing graved hardships, as in the case of the children of the Levant today. And along with treating and curing diseases, humanity must also accept the charge of ensuring that the lives of all people remain free to exercise the faith of their election.

These are but a few of the simple, yet rendered complex, modern obligations charged to the human race in recognition of unselfish sacrifices made on humanity's behalf and benefit.

So as Christians celebrate the Rising of the Lord Jesus Christ today, it remains imperative that the obligations and the responsibilities charged to all not be forgotten because those presently in need of the most compassion per current crises, might be of another faith.

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