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After the Celebrations - a Test of Global Ideals

Now that the smoke has cleared from celebrations with fireworks to usher in 2016 from Sydney, Australia; to Manila, Philippines; to Dubai, United Arab Emirates; to Paris, France; to Berlin, Germany; to Sao Paulo, Brazil and beyond, and now that the confetti and glitter have fallen and cleared from Times Square, New York City, the globe must now face a test of ideals in this New year.

From choking environmental hazards that have gripped Beijing, China; Milan, Italy; and New Delhi, India; the world has been served notice of the debilitating dangers posed as a result of poisoning the environment. Torrential rains and floods from South America to Great Britain warn of a changing climate. Record increases in global temperatures hint of an unprecedented time to come.

Terror threats from Munich, Germany; to Paris, France; to Brussels, Belgium and beyond offer the stark grim reality of the fragility of current affairs. The Syrian war and Russia's entry into the volatile conflict establishes a strange dynamic to Middle Eastern security. And Vladimir Putin's claim that NATO - the protector of democracies and freedoms in Europe, represents a security threat, provides a worrisome glimpse of what will come in 2016.

Yet, the free people of the World desire a continuity of freedom, peace, equality, happiness and the rule of law. Matters of rights and freedoms will figure highly this year. Therefore, the work to protect and to safeguard the homelands from terror and tyranny must start immediately in 2016.

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