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After the 2016 Presidential Election - Effects of Trump's Ramblings Will Remain

After the votes have been counted in the United States(US) Presidential Election in November, 2016, and a new president has taken office in January, 2017, the effects of the racial and fascist ramblings of candidate Donald Trump will still be felt.

The trust, respect, cooperation and fairness the US has carefully tried to rebuild in the volatile Middle East over the years will be the most impacted point of Trump's ramblings. Trump's fascist contention to bar Muslims from the US and to subject followers of the faith to monitoring will not easily be forgotten even after he has lost the election.

Trump's ramblings have fueled skepticism of the US by partners and enemies alike from the Middle East to the Americas, Europe and Africa. That a candidate with such anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim convictions could have led Republican polling for sometime, will undoubtedly serve as an apprehensive clause to full trust of any administration in Washington. Also, a new Washington administration in 2017 might have to deal with increased anti-American strife brought to wrought by Trump's racial and fascist ramblings from Mexico to the Muslim world.

Yet, a new administration in Washington, DC, could soften the impact of Trump's ramblings by pointing to the democratic process that allowed for him to have exercised his freedom of speech,  and an even stronger democratic process that witnessed his abysmal defeat at the polls by voter rejection of his racial and fascist convictions. 

However it pans out, a new administration in Washington, in 2017, will have to deal with some form of effect from the irresponsible ramblings of candidate Donald Trump. 

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