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After Sunday in Crimea, Ukraine

Beware the ides of March! After Sunday, what will Crimea, Ukraine resemble? . What of the rest of Ukraine? Once Putin attains his self satisfying and self determined de jure referendum in Crimea on Sunday, will the Russian Federation penetrate farther into Ukraine sovereign territory? There are specific purposes and intents to Russian troops training and amassing close to Ukraine's borders; and the question remains as to whether or not, Putin will madly decide to encroach deeper into Ukraine territory. Thus, Ukraine needs Western help now, yesterday, last week, and from henceforth. Putin could attempt to take as much of Ukraine territory as he could until March 21, when Ukraine signs a political agreement pact with the European Union(EU). This same pact is what Ukrainians have demonstrated and died for. This said pact is the source of Putin's sleepless nights. His dreams of a powerful Russian empire are hindered by any association to the EU so close to his backyard. His actions are impulsive and seemingly irrational, thus; the states of Moldova, Estonia, Latvia and Georgia must remain on high alert and keep their lines of communications open with the West. Ukraine, and the Transnistria region of Moldova face immediate danger from Putin's wrath. After Sunday, more Western troops might be needed in Eastern Europe to check Putin's land grab.

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