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After Settled Rhetoric, a Conscious Responsibility Should Dawn over the Republic

That men would resort to any rhetoric and alternative facts(lies) to get themselves cast as political leaders, was a literal facet of recent elections. Now that the electioneering is over and the sustainable security and health of the Republic depend upon facts, truths, sanity and cohesiveness in order to function, then a more responsible leadership should now dawn over the Republic.

Last night's remarks by President Donald Trump before a joint session of the United States(US) Congress that appear to condemn some recent events of hate across the Republic, were not sufficient by the executive branch to denounce a spike in hatred. Yet the remarks could be taken as a starting point to bringing a saner and a more responsible attitude from the new White House toward the management of the Republic.

A more centrist tone should take hold over the executive branch for history and past leaderships in Washington, DC, have demonstrated that ruling from the center offers the best opportunity to preserving the security and the health of the Republic.

Extremism breads more extremism, greater dissent and promotes anarchy, hate and violence. Extremism is an established enemy of the existence of any Republic. Therefore, in learning that the Republic must be placed ahead of business deals, business friends, business interests, hate, xenophobia, homophobia and social divisions, the new White House should now assume a conscious responsibility toward the preservation of the American Republic as it has stood to Americans and to the rest of the world for many generations.

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