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After Paris, A Declaration of War on Radical Islam

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has declared war on extremist Islam. United States(US) Attorney General Eric Holder has disclosed that the US is "at war with terrorists" who commit violent acts and use Islam to justify their actions. And at the Vatican, Pope Francis has denounced religious fundamentalism that inspires violence while calling on the International community to end "fundamentalist terrorism", and urging Muslim leaders to condemn "extremist interpretations" of Islam that seek to justify such violence.

Last week's Paris massacre by extremists has undoubtedly widened the scope of the ongoing fight against surging terrorism. France has now deployed 10,000 troops within its borders to boost security. US President Barack Obama has called a global security summit to prevent violent extremism in February. 

But what changes hang in the balance with a broader fight against extremism? One thing is clear: Nations reserve the right to secure the tranquil expectations of their peoples, thus national security must become paramount. Moreover, closer scrutiny of incoming immigrants could be beefed-up. And a re-tooling of systems designed to engage youths into the patriotic necessities and duties of citizenship might be put forward. Of a greater need would be the requirement that acidic rhetoric advocating violence be expunged.

Whatever face the redefined war against extremism takes, the ultimate achievement must be that people are allowed to remain safe and secure in their lands in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

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